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  • What Are the Basic Types of Wine? Chart of Styles, Tastes of Wine

    By Tony Subia
    January 7, 2013

    A great steakhouse serves a superb menu that extends beyond just steak to seafood and other delicacies. A general rule is that steak is complemented best by a red wine and seafood is best enjoyed with a white wine. However, matching wine to a specific cuisine is most often subjective to individual taste.


    Choosing The Right Wine

    Wine is usually divided into five different types. Red, White, Rose’, Sparkling Wine and Fortified Wine are the basic types of wines while others a blends of differing varietals of grapes. Wines can be categorized by type of grape, but by production style as well.

    The taste of wine can be defined by many factors including grape varietal, by the soil in which they are grown, climate, how grapes are treated through the wine-making process, production techniques by the wine maker, and many other complex factors. Some wines are considered dry while others are sweet and fruity, or ranges in between.

    This wine selection chart defines about 200 types of wine by style and taste. The chart is compliments of Wine Folly which offers a wealth of information, tips and other wine facts. The wine selection chart is a great reference towards discovering new types of wine. Feel free to print it out for ongoing referral.

    Click on the chart for an enlarged view

    Different Types of Wine