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  • Cuts of Beef, Steak Selection Chart

    This chart diagram is compliments of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and is the best Cuts of Beef Chart available. It helps the consumer choose the best cut of beef steak and roast based on budget and desired taste. Which cuts of meat are most lean, most flavorful and most tender. The chart shows what section of cattle each cut of steak or roast comes from and the best cooking method for selected cuts.

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    Cut of Beef Selection Chart


    Best Cuts of Steak and Roast

    Although there are exceptions, the best, juiciest and most tender steaks are located in the “Rib”, “Short Loin” and “Sirloin” sections of beef. Some examples are Ribeye, Porterhouse, T-Bone and Tenderloin Filet often called Filet Mignon. They are most likely to be served by the best steakhouses across America. These steaks and roasts typically contain the most abundant fat marbling that contribute robust buttery flavor and tenderness.

    Dry Heat Versus Moist Heat Cooking

    Dry or direct heat cooking includes broiling, grilling and pan-frying. Steaks with abundant fat marbling and tenderness are best for dry heat cooking. Tougher, more lean steaks and even roasts generally require slow-cooking with heavy moisture or liquid such as Chuck Steak. Brisket takes many hours of slow-cooking to create tenderness. It is interesting that Tenderloin Filet contains very little fat yet is the most tender of all steaks and is ideal for quick, dry cooking.

    Taste and Cooking Requirements Are Subjective

    Generally less-tender steaks and roasts are less costly. Both at the market and restaurant. Many prefer the taste of certain steaks even though they require longer cooking times. All roasts, regardless of tenderness and amount of fat will require slow-roasting simply because of larger mass. Keep this in mind. A steak is simply a slice of roast. An example is a Prime Rib. Prime Rib Roast is well…..a roast. When sliced into a steak, it becomes a Ribeye Steak.

    Printout the Cuts of Beef Chart. Tape it to the back of your pantry door and use it as a reference before meat shopping at the market or your favorite butcher shop.

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