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  • The Most Common Wine Taste Descriptions

    By Tony Subia
    January 9, 2013

    This is a detailed visual graphic chart. Easy to read, easy to understand. It is compliments of Wine Folly, arguably the most informative website on the web about wine. If you want to expand your wine knowledge, Wine Folly will be your premier destination.

    Click on the chart for an enlarged view.

    A Visual Description of Wine Flavors

    Original Source: Guide to Over 120 Wine Descriptors


    Incredible Range of Wine Flavors

    According to Wine Folly there are 11 main categories of characteristics that define over 120 descriptions of basic wine flavors. There could be thousands of flavors depending upon both objective and subjective interpretation of differing flavors. This chart demonstrates the basic taste categories of Body, Yeast, Style, Tannin, Acidity, Alcohol, Spice, Flower, Fruit, Herb, Oak and Inorganic.

    From those basic foundation categories, Wine Folly breaks the flavors of wine into a list of subcategories of a wide range of flavors. For detailed descriptions of what those flavors are visit the respective Wine Folly web page. Not only will you expand your understanding of wine flavors but what creates those distinctive flavors.

    Informative 18″ x 24″ posters are available from Wine Folly printed on high quality archival paper. It’s the perfect reference training tool for restaurant staffs enabling servers to gain greater credibility by providing informative answers to diner questions. Go ahead. Expand your understanding of what makes wine more enjoyable.

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