Raw Rib Eye

Best choice of steak on the menu. This is a man’s steak that ladies can love just as well. An abundance of marbling, ribbons of fat that melt into the lean as it cooks delivering that rich beef flavor. A Smooth, fine texture and exceptional tenderness . If you’re taking your favorite man out to dinner, he’s gonna want a big rib-eye on his plate. If you’re grilling on the patio, you’ll love that aroma as pieces of fat begin to char . Don’t be counting the calories. Just enjoy those morsels of grilled goodness.

Where The Ribeye Steak Is Located

Ribeye steaks are harvested from the rib section of beef. It’s cut from the rib primal portion of the rib section typically spanning ribs six through 12. You guessed it. A? rib steak, ribeye steak and a prime rib roast are essentially the same cut of beef. A multiple “prime rib roast” is slow-roasted in the oven. When individually sliced between the ribs, it becomes a steak that is best when grilled or broiled.

What makes a ribeye so tender? It lies in the upper rib cage which is not weight-bearing and gets little exercise. The degree of muscle usage by cattle is substantially determined by how much a particular muscle is used during a cattle’s lifespan. The less use, the more tender.

What makes a ribeye so flavorful? It is primarily fat marbling that creates that robust buttery flavor. Steaks closer to the head have more abundant marbling and generally have a layer of fat around the leaner portions. During the cooking process, the fat melts (renders) and bastes the meat from the inside. Fat content also enhances tenderness.


Rib Steak Versus Ribeye Steak

There is lot confusion on names. Butchers, markets, and restaurants often call them by different names. But essentially a “rib steak” and “ribeye steak” are the same cut of beef. Ribeyes are boneless and rib steaks? include the bone. Sometimes rib steaks are called “bone-in ribeyes”, “rib chops”, and “cowboy steak”. A “Delmonico” is a boneless ribeye that is pounded flat before cooking.

Regardless, it’s love at first bite.

Cooking, Grilling and Broiling

Ribeyes and rib steaks are quick-cooking steaks. Naturally fatty and more tender that some other cuts of beef. Most people like them rare or medium rare. But they can be tasty and tender even when cooked well done, particularly when USDA graded Choice or Prime. The lower grading of USDA Select, although less tender than Choice of Prime, has enough marbling for enjoyable eating. It saves a bit of money for those on a tighter budget.

Before cooking a thawed steak, take it out of the fridge, set it on the counter for about 20 minutes to bring it to room temperature. Marinade is not needed, just salt it and throw-it on the heated grill. For best results, sear it at very high temperature to seal-in natural juices and fat. The move it to lower heat then continue cooking.

Word of Caution and Advice

Although USDA grading of beef is accurate, each steak from the same graded beef can have varying amounts of fat and fatty tissue. If you prefer more fat or less fat, have your restaurant server know. The cook can the accommodate by hand-selecting the steak that you best prefer.

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